Moves the Story!

Yoga originates from India and is one of the oldest systems of physical exercise ever created. The word Yoga means “Union”. Through physical exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation, the body and mind are united and the whole spirit achieves greater balance and harmony. Yoga movement consists of many postures. These poses were created after studying and observing all elements of nature, making Yoga natural to the human being, and entirely satisfying.

Yoga is not a religion but does embrace and respect many aspects of all religions.

Yoga has its own individual, unique guidelines and value system. The yoganory story demonstrates to children, through expressive drama, these core values:

Core value: Expressed through story as:
Self control
Self discipline
Self study
Being kind
No lies
No stealing
Controlling urges
No greed
Trying your best
Thinking about your actions & feelings
Love, good and Positivity

How Can Yoga Help My Child In Todays Society?

In today’s society life is hectic as we are constantly on the go, creating stress and tension even in the young. To unwind, relax or play we spend much of our time in a motionless position; sitting… in front of the televison, … the internet, … computer games.

Yoga can help, young and old alike, to balance all that sitting around and everyday stress. It does this with movement, using postures that strengthen, tone and work every part of the body (including internal organs). These postures along with breath awareness and relaxation tecniques, help calm the mind, helping children deal with everyday worries and emotions, helping them to relax and sleep better. When practised regularly yoga can bring out the best in everyone, not just children!

“I always know when she has had her Yoganory class, as she always sleeps better that night!”
(Areeza’s Mum, Worcester Park)