Adult Yoga Classes

I am a fully insured, qualified adult yoga teacher with CYQ/YMCA Reps Level3, accredited by Yoga Alliance & RYS International Registered and have 13 years teaching experience.

About My Yoga Classes

It has been said that my yoga classes are “like a box of chocolates, you don’t quite know what you’re going to get!”

Although the content will always be different, you will always strengthen and stretch, breathe, relax and leave your mat feeling positively different.

All my classes aim for you to be able to use yoga on and off your mat, to help you flow through your day with focused energy, calm, ease and positivity.


My teaching style’s; Classes that make you FEEL GOOD!

Dynamic Yoga Flow – These classes aim to; Strengthen, Stretch, Tone & Deeply Relax You,

These classes willl give you more Energy & Strength and guaranteed to leave you feeling mentally and physically Stronger, Toned and Stretched, De – Stressed, Calm, Balanced and Positive.

Restorative Well Women Yoga In this class we support the body with props and passively hold positions for a longer length of time, allowing the body to gently open and actively relax, enabling tension and stored up toxins (that can cause illness and stress) to release. Whilst in these positions, your mind becomes quiet and reflective, bringing balance to your mental, psychological and emotional state. Restorative yoga brings your whole being into a deeply relaxed state. Give yourself a yoga hug with this Gentle, Relaxing, Restful style of Yoga.


Whether your a complete beginner or advanced Yogi, these classes welcome All abilities inc. pregnancy from 2nd trimester

Zoom Classes –

Tuesdays   – 10 – 11am – Strengthen, Stretch & Relax 

Thursdays – 8 -9pm  – Evening Wind Down Flow Yoga

Saturdays  – 9 – 9:45am  – Rise & Shine Flow Yoga

Saturdays  – 10 – 11am – Restorative Yoga

Class Recordings Available


Tuesday’s – 12:15-1:15pm –  Guildford Spectrum – Strengthen, Stretch & Relax

 Thursday’s  – 6:30 – 7:45pm at Stoke D’ Abernon Village Hall, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3BN – Strengthen, Stretch & Relax 

Thursday’s8 – 9pmStoke Village Hall Station Rd Stoke D’abernon Cobham – Evening Wind Down Flow Yoga



Have you experienced back or neck problems? Concerned about a non-specific health issue? Haven’t got the confidence to go to a group class? Or just want your yoga to improve? These classes are for you. A personal, exclusive adult health programme can be developed to suit your needs.


“I love teaching, all age groups and enjoy the challenges that can bring. I continue to learn and develop my art. It fascinates me that yoga can help with so many ailments, be it physical, mental or emotional. Because of this my teaching has taken a holistic approach (espescially in private 1-2-1 classes when classes are bespoke to you!) I enjoy researching and finding ways to use “yoga as medicine” to; improve health, relieve pain & help to heal existing or previous injuries. ”

Some of the medical problems I have helped clients with include; back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, insomnia, plantar fasciitis, constipation, arthritis and stress.

Yoga complements all sports, it boosts energy, encourages a good night sleep, helps with weight loss & slows the ageing process.

For more details on anything above, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.