Moves the Story!

Yoganory provides yoga classes, parties and entertainment for children. We work throughout Surrey and current classes run in the following areas; Ashtead, Cobham,  Epsom, Esher, Guildford, Hersham, Kingston, Leatherhead, Weybridge and Worcester Park.

About Yoganory

Yoganory moves the story! Yoganory empowers a child’s imagination, by combining yoga with storytelling and drama. Using traditional yoga postures children breathe life into stories. Using their bodies they make the storys’ characters and objects come alive.

Yoganory classes are non-competitive and designed to involve all the children. Leading them on exciting, interactive adventure stories with songs and yoga games, all encouraging relaxation and breathing awareness.

Classes strengthen and stretch the body, (inside and out!) with twists, balances, forward bends and back arches. Furthermore Yoganory classes help to calm the mind with relaxation and breathing techniques, which improve concentration, playfully building confidence and promoting better sleep patterns.

Yoganory classes inspire children to respect themselves, and others, by introducing positive affirmations and morals into the stories. This enhances good behaviour and social skills and, more importantly, teaches the use of yoga in everyday life. Children are better able to deal with emotionally and mentally stressful periods, such as family break up or exams.

Without even realising, children are benefiting their mind, body and soul, in a fun, energetic and very imaginative class!

Stories can be adapted to meet with any school curriculum criteria.

Yoganory specialises in making classes more personal for children. They love adapting their favourite tale into a Yoganory story, giving them an unforgettable experience.

“I am going to remember that breathing in and out through the nose, the yoga way because sometimes I get very angry here(at school) and at home, but I am going to do that breath and then maybe I wont be so angry. I shall also think of my favourite things like you said, my favourite thing is my baby brother, so if I breathe and think of him then it will make me smile and not be angry.”
(Annie M, age 6, Epsom)